This is Part 2 of a docuseries called, Addiction Documentary, Drugs. 




This is a multi-part docuseries I'm doing on Addiction.  The first part covers alcoholism.  We discuss the root causes of alcoholism, and how to prevent and resolve it.



Men cheat all the time.  Sometimes, it's hard to tell when a man is going to cheat.  This list helps you discover common cheating behaviors of unfaithful men.

Top 5 Reasons Men Cheat, The Biochemical Reason.  Too many times we focus on the behavior, and not the root cause of the behavior.  Men are cheating because they're deficient in key hormones that regulate emotions.  There 3 Primary Reasons Men Cheat, and 2 Secondary Reasons Men Cheat. God's Pharmacy, We're All Addicts: Dopamine available on //


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